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Mellanox Switches debug dump file
Posted by Ashish Tiwari on 04 June 2015 10:07 AM

Mellanox Support for switches, will typically request a debug dump file.

This dump file is created on the switch can be uploaded to an SSH or FTP server.

Windows does not support these protocols by default.

To upload to a Linux or Windows host:

Create the dump file.  

  1. On the Mellanox Switch, log into the console via SSH or Serial connection
    • The default username and password is admin admin
  2. Type: Enable
    • The prompt should show - (config):
  3. Type: debug generate dump
    • This will take longer than you might expect
    • It will display the newly created dump file
  4. If this was done early, you can find a list of dump files via
    • Type: file debug-dump upload ?
    • The output will look something like:
      • IP1-SW5 [my-vip-IP2: standby] # file debug-dump upload ?
      • sysinfo-sysdump-IP1-SW5-20140829-150043.txt
      • sysdump-IP1-SW5-20150531-190518.tgz
      • sysdump-IP1-SW5-20140829-150043.tgz
      • Upload the latest debug dump file to a remote host
  5. Now upload the file to a server
  6. On a Linux server via SSH (SCP):
    • Type: file debug-dump upload sysdump-IP1-SW5-20140829-150043.tgz scp://root@
    • For the file name, you can just use “latest”
    • You will be prompted for a password on the switch command line: Password (if required): ********
  7. On a Windows server, you will need to install a SSH Server, such as BitVise:
    • Type: file debug-dump upload latest scp://administrator@
    • For the file name, you can use “latest”
    • You will be prompted for a password on the switch command line: Password (if required): ********

On a Windows host, if you would like to examine the dump.tgz file, you will need to install a utility capable of uncompressing and extracting tar files.

Install a utility such as 7-Zip from:

Naturally, be careful of free (non-manufacturer) download sites as they often include rider software packages.

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