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Create VM Failed – VMM does not have permissions
Posted by on 15 July 2015 12:00 AM

By Robert Keith

Create VM fails on the file VHD file copy. Depending on the VMM operation, the error may be Error 12710, Error 26559, or the file copy will fail on the Fast Copy operation and fall back to a BITS file copy when the library Network Share is manually mounted on the host server.

Applies to:
Iron Networks Products: IronPOD Family of Products, Microsoft CPS
Software: System Center Virtual Machine Manager, SC VMM 2012 R2
Hardware Components: NA


Using VMM to create a new Virtual Machine either fails to copy the VHD from the Library Server to the VM Storage Server share, or the operation falls back from a Fast File copy operation to a BITS file copy over HTTP.

The Error Message displayed in the VMM Job Log is:

Error (12710)
VMM does not have appropriate permissions to access the Windows Remote Management resources on the server ( ip3-stor3-n1.ip3.ironnetworks.local).
Unknown error (0x80338105)

Recommended Action

  1. Ensure that the Windows Remote Management (WS-Management) service is running on the server (ip3-stor3-n1.ip3.ironnetworks.local).
  2. If the System Center Virtual Machine Manager service on your VMM management server is configured to run by using the machine account, ensure that there is not a group policy that does not allow adding machine accounts to a computer's Administrators group. If there is, you can use one of the following workarounds:
    • Disable the group policy in Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS)
    • Modify the group policy to allow the VMM machine account in the Administrators group
    • Move the machine account to its own organizational unit (OU) and block the group policy from being applied
    • Reinstall the VMM management server and choose the option to run the System Center Virtual Machine Manager service by using a domain account, and re-add all of your virtual machines.


In the above situation, it turned out that the Network Share for the Storage Server where the VHD file was copied to was previously mounted to the host server as a volume.

The VM creation was being performed by the VMM Agent on host [IP1-Comp-2-4]. The permissions on both the Library Server and the VHD Storage Server were correct. When connecting to the host machine and looking at the mounted shares, the [VMImages] share was mounted as a volume.

Since the share is mounted under a domain account, and the VMM Agent runs under a local account, access permissions were affected.

Dismounting and disconnecting this share resolved this issue.

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