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Expanding VM VHD and Partition with Cluster Manager
Posted by on 05 August 2015 06:09 AM

By Sanju Manjunath

Simple instructions to expand a VHD file and partition using Cluster Manager.


Applies to:
Iron Networks Products: IronPOD Family of Products, Microsoft CPS
Software: System Center VMM 2012 SP1, VMM 2012 R2


For VMs managed with System Center Virtual Machine Manager, the VHD drives should be managed with VMM. For systems not managed with VMM, or for creating the initial VMM VM, this process will allow you to manage and expand the VHDs.
To expand a VHD using VMM: Expanding VM VHD and Partition with VMM

Expand the VHD

  1. Log in to the host computer running the VM
  2. Use Cluster Manager to Shutdown the VM
  3. Expand the VHD
    • Right Click the VM
    • Select Settings

  4. Go to the Hard Drive and select edit
    IDE Controller 0
    Hard Drive
  5. Click on Edit button
  6. From here we enter into the Edit Virtual Hard Disk Wizard
  7. Click Next then select the Expand Option to increase VHD
  8. Plug in the new size of the VHD
  9. Then Click the Finish button

Expanding the Partition

  1. Log into the VM.
  2. Once inside the VM search for “disk partitions” to start the “Create and format hard disk partitions” where you can adjust the partition size
  3. Find the disk which the VHD you have expanded. It will have Unallocated space at the end.

  4. Right Click the active partition and click “Extend Volume” to extend the partition to utilize the additional hard disk size.
  5. Then we enter the Extend Volume Wizard, where we can increase the size of the partition. If you select the defaults, the partition will be extended to the full size of the VHD.
  6. Now the partition will be resized
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